2015-16 PLP

KLPVPA Professional Learning Plan

Name: Ron Sherman

School:   Salmo Elementary/Secondary School

Year: 2015-16

GOAL: I find goals and objectives are often confused. For my own purposes, I use these definitions.

To provide leadership in the area of instructional and assessment practices that maximize student development, engagement and learning.

Domain:      2: Instructional Leadership

Standard:     3: Supervision for Learning (3c: Clarifying Purpose)

Objectives:     Starting with the work I did last year, I want to continue building an Instructional Leadership Action Plan, composed of monthly commitments and reports on my progress to my Professional Learning Team.

RATIONALE: (Explain why you chose this goal. For example, to support District strategies/priorities, personal professional interest, supportive of school plan for learning, etc.).

After completing the BCPVPA “Leadership Standards for Principals and Vice Principals in BC Self-Assessment Tool” and reflecting on the results, I have once again chosen Clarifying Purpose as my goal. Given the new staff we have in place, and the initiatives we’ve chosen to pursue, this is the goal which will best allow me to lead this school and the learning we’ve undertaken.

HOW DO YOU PLAN TO ACHIEVE THIS GOAL? (Action statements, followed by Examples of Practice in my Leadership Action Plan)

1.      Set and maintain high and achievable expectations for all learners

2.      Ensure each classroom environment has a positive impact on student learning

3.      Engage teachers in dialogue about effective use of instructional time.

4.      Involve teachers in data collection, analysis, and dialogue about student learning and instruction.

5.      Ensure equity of access and outcomes for all learners by supporting Personalized Learning.

RESOURCES:   (What materials, support or assistance do you require?)

I will connect with my team on a monthly basis to update my progress and set directions for the coming month.

I will build a “Leadership Action Plan” which I will share with my triad, and make available to colleagues.


1.    I will share with my team my commitment to action, the story, and the results, at each call.

2.    I will gather these stories in my LAP

3.    I will share this plan with other colleagues in my chapter.

4.    Time permitting, I will submit this story to the BCPVPA Magazine for publication.

PROFESSIONAL LEARNING TEAM: (2-8 members recommended)

Sacha Kalabis, Vice-Principal, Salmo Elementary-Secondary School

Dan Rude, Principal, Kaslo Family of Schools


Role of the Professional Learning Team:

  • Ask thoughtful questions
  • Support members through challenges
  • Share resources/ideas to support learning.
  • Meet on a regular basis