Collaboration or mining the blogosphere?

Ah spring break. The chance to catch up on professional reading, writing in my blog, re-connecting on Twitter and the like. For me things have changed a fair bit in the last year, including my move to Salmo Elementary-Secondary School where I’ve been since August 2014.

I’ve taken a hiatus from social media for awhile, and spent a lot more time reading and connecting with my new staff. I’ve spent a lot of time with The Principal’s Companion by Robbins and Alvy, and from that have reaffirmed my belief that collaborative vision and mission building processes are key to the success of any school. And in conversation with my staff, they are also keen to work collaboratively to deepen their practice and connect with one another.

I am also keen to connect with colleagues, and develop my leadership through collaboration. It’s been a wonderful experience to have a Vice-Principal, who I carpool with and share decision making duties. Through our conversation and sharing, I feel my practice has improved and my decisions have been better. We have challenged and supported each other, added elements to the conversation, and brought our own unique perspectives to everything we do.

Now on my break, and my return to the Twitterverse, there’s a new revelation for me I need to work through. It would appear to me many of the posts out there are one way, that there is not much engagement and conversation. This isn’t something exclusive to Twitter; many of the blogs I read have very few comments, and don’t seem to stimulate a conversation. How do we connect these ideas together into a community of discussion? It’s one thing for me to put something out there for people to read, it’s another to get engaged with the conversations out there.

Maybe things have changed out there. The cynic in me wonders if we are engaging with one another to build collaborative networks, or mining the net for likes, friends, blog traffic and followers?


About Ron Sherman

I am the principal of Salmo Elementary/Secondary School, a small rural K-12 school in the Kootenay Lake School District. Happy to be part of the Grand Conversation, moving learning forward and joining with great people every day. Runner, triathlete, skier, blogger, loving husband and father of 2 great boys
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